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    Li Bin

    Main education
    August 1982-July 1986 Majored in Chemistry of Chemical Department of Inner Mongolia University, Bachelor's Degree of Science
    August 1986-October 1989 Majored in Applied Chemistry of Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Master’s Degree in Engineering
    September 2002-July 2005 Research Institute of Elemento-organic Chemistry, Nankai University, Doctor of Science
    Main work experience
    September 1989-September 2015: Pesticide Research Institute, Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Assistant Engineer, Engineer, Senior Engineer, Professor Level Senior Engineer.
    November 2015-present: Shenyang Sinochem Agrochemicals R&D Co., Ltd., Director of Herbicide R&D Department
    Main academics and social part-time jobs
    Part-time Doctoral Supervisor of Shenyang Agricultural University, Peer Review Expert of Key Program for International Cooperation of Ministry of Science and Technology, Patent Examination Technician of State Intellectual Property Office, Academic Committee Member of State Key Laboratory of the Discovery and Development of Novel Pesticide.
    Research area (research topic)
    Discovery of novel pesticide
    Guiding the research direction of graduate students
    Pesticide chemistry: research on molecular design, synthesis and structure-function relationship of novel compound with biological activity;
    Combinatorial chemistry: research on application of combinatorial chemistry method in organic synthesis and discovery of novel pesticide.
    Scientific research achievements and awards
    Led and invented safe and efficient insecticides - tetrachlorantraniliprole and acaricide SYP-9625. Enjoy special government allowance.

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