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    Chou Jingyu

    Main education
    September 1990-July 1994 Majored in Applied Chemistry of Liaoning Shihua University, Bachelor of Engineering
    September 1994-April 1997 Majored in Material Science of Dalian Jiaotong University, Master of Engineering
    April 2001-September 2004 Majored in Organic Chemistry of Okayama University, Doctor of Engineering
    Main work experience
    October 2004-September 2005 Majored in Organic Chemistry of Okayama University of Science, Post-doctor
    October 2005-January 2007 Majored in Organic Chemistry of University of Geneva, Post-doctor
    April 1997-April 2007 Assistant Engineer, Engineer, Lecturer of Dalian Jiaotong University
    April 2007-September 2015 Engineer, Senior Engineer, Professor Level Senior Engineer of Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry
    October 2015-present:  Director of Preparation R&D Department of Shenyang Sinochem Agrochemicals R&D Co., Ltd.
    At present, Chou leads a team to undertake development of environmental protection pesticide formulation and aid in the State Key Laboratory of the Discovery and Development of Novel Pesticide.
    Main academics and social part-time jobs
    Member of Chinese Chemical Society
    Member of Pesticide Professional Committee of the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China
    Editorial Board Member of Pesticide (Chinese core journal)
    Executive Director of Crop Protection Industry Association of Liaoning Province
    Member of Expert Committee, China Crop Protection Industry Preparation Innovation Industry Alliance
    Research area (research topic)
    Organic chemistry, pesticide preparation, colloid chemistry
    Guiding the research direction of graduate students
    Development of new environmental protection pesticide formulation; design synthesis and application of surfactant
    Scientific research achievements and awards
    Thousand-level talent of the First ‘10-100-1000 Program for High-End Talents Introduction’ in Liaoning Province, and top talent in the first batch of high-level talents. Chou has undertaken or participated in over 40 programs, such as National Natural Science Foundation, National Key Program during the 12th Five-Year Plan, provincial and municipal foundations, Scientific and Technological Input Program of Sinochem Group and programs entrusted by domestic agro-chemical enterprises, over 20 pesticide or aid products to realize industrialization in recent 10 years.

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