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    Home > About the Agrochemicals R&D > Introduction to R&D Department

    Insecticide R&D Department

    The Insecticide R&D Department consists of novel insecticide research lab and process development and research lab.

    The Novel Insecticide Research Lab has been mainly engaged in design synthesis of pesticide active molecules, and has successively developed and discovered pesticides SYP-Z048, enestroburin, fenaminstrobin, where SYP-Z048 was awarded the second prize of national technological innovation, and fenaminstrobin won the first prize of invention award of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association.

    The Process Development and Research Lab has been mainly engaged in research on synthetic process of pesticide and its intermediates and other various fine chemicals. It has successively developed such imitation pesticide varieties as fipronil, indoxacarb, prochloraz, kresoxim-methyl, trifloxystrobin, diflufenican, cyhalofop-butyl, obtaining remarkable economic benefits and social benefits.
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