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    Preparation R&D Department

    The Preparation R&D Department, as the domestic advanced, industrialization-oriented pesticide formulation technology R&D department, owns a modern formulation lab with top laboratory equipment and perfect management system. It has independent R&D ability and develops the products covering all mainstream pesticide formulations. The scope of department business includes: formulation technology development and process design, continuous preparation production, product development, standard stipulation, registration production sales support, etc. It has developed the following main formulation types: suspending agent, dispersible oil-based suspension, suspension emulsion, water dispersible granule, water emulsion, microemulsion, water soluble granule, granule, etc. all of which have more mature technical competence; it has rich experience in treatment application performance and safety assessment for the seed treatment formulation includes micro-capsule suspended seed coating, seed treatment suspension, seed treatment emulsion, film forming agent and seed; and makes some research on technology of dry suspending agent, floating granule, flying preparation and other novel formulations.

    The Preparation R&D Department has undertaken nearly 100 national and provincial programs from the “6th Five-Year Plan” to the “13th Five-Year Plan”, multiple of which fill the gap at home and abroad. It mainly serves for preparation strategy of agro-chemical enterprises of Sinochem Group, undertakes preparation development, innovation and development of imitation series in the process of screening compounds and at the industrialization stage. The technology of the technology innovation company’s industrialized preparation variety is based on the Preparation R&D Department, involving all mainstream pesticide formulation varieties. Meanwhile, focusing on exchange and cooperation of multiple enterprises in the industry, it has carried out development of technological consignment projects, and has signed over 30 technical development or service contracts in recent 5 years. It applied for 38 Chinese invention patents, including 12 authorized patents, participates in publishing 6 treatises, published multiple papers and obtained multiple outstanding paper awards. It obtained 1 second prize of national scientific and technological progress and 2 scientific and technological third prizes by the Ministry of Chemical Industry, etc.
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