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    Bioassay R&D Department

    The Bioassay R&D Department consists of insecticide research lab, fungicide research lab, herbicide research lab and new technical research lab.

    The biological activity test is the eye in the pesticide discovery R&D process, the bridge of connecting the agriculture with the chemical industry, and the key power of serving the market and supporting transformation of scientific achievements. The Bioassay R&D Department has been mainly engaged in product development, pesticide efficacy evaluation, etc., providing technical support for member enterprises of Sinochem Group and domestic, international markets, so as to screen new compound activity, assess the indoor biological activity of the pesticide variety, study the action characteristics, field application technologies, carry out research on disease, insect attack, weed diagnosis, pesticide high-throughput screening method, non-agricultural pesticide, resistance occurrence regularity and governance, etc. and it is the field and indoor efficacy test qualification authority affirmed by the Ministry of Agriculture. It screens over 5,000 new compounds averagely every year, studies 8-10 product application technologies and develops 4-6 mixture products.

    As of 2016, it has obtained 52 authorized patents; led and established industry SOP, published Standard Operation Procedures of Pesticide Biological Activity Test (3 volumes in total); excellently completed national key scientific and technological programs in the “9th Five-Year Plan”- the “13th Five-Year Plan”; obtained more than 20 awards at all levels, including 2 times at national level, 15 items at the provincial level and 2 items at the group level. It screens and discovers 7 commercial varieties, such as flumorph, enestroburin, tetrachlorantraniliprole, studies and establishes its application technology; successfully develops multiple mixture products, such as Dijie, Akeor, Jiasize; pyrametostrobin, pyriminostrobin and other new products are being registered and popularized.
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