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    State key laboratory
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    State Key Laboratory of the Discovery and Development of Novel Pesticide was declared for construction in 2007, accepted by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2010, as the first batch of state key laboratory of enterprise, relying on Shenyang Sinochem Agrochemicals R&D Co., Ltd. (subordinate to Sinochem Group). Professional organizations mainly engaged in design and synthesis of new compounds, development of production process, processing of pesticide formulation, biological activity screening and pesticide research are pesticide professional R&D organizations fully furnished with complete system in China at present, and also the diffusion source of two major technical platforms and major industrial technologies of independent innovation of novel pesticide and development of key generic technologies in the pesticide industry, with greater influence internationally.

    Since establishment, the State Key Laboratory of the Discovery and Development of Novel Pesticide has been focusing on fundamental research on pesticide application, and obtained outstanding achievements on product innovation, technological innovation, theoretical innovation, etc. It has always been the key undertaker of the national scientific and technological support program, national major technology special, undertaking a lot of novel pesticide discovery and associated programs, and applying over 500 domestic and foreign invention patents. The current production technologies of many backbone pesticide varieties in China are from the State Key Laboratory of the Discovery and Development of Novel Pesticide, such as herbicides butachlor, acetochlor, glyphosate, herbicides; bactericides carbendazim, metalaxyl, mancozeb; insecticides dimehypo, Pyridaben, chlorpyrifos, etc. The novel pesticide discovery level of the State Key Laboratory of the Discovery and Development of Novel Pesticide takes a leading position in China, and it has obtained remarkable performances under the ongoing efforts of several generations. It invented flumorph, pyrisoxazole, enestroburin, fenaminstrobin, coumoxystrobin, pyraoxystrobin, pyrametostrobin, tetrachlorantraniliprole, SYP-9625, etc. A complete pesticide R&D system has been built in China, capable of carrying out synthesis and design of new compound, biological activity determination and screening, process study and development, formulation processing, application technology study, etc. A batch of professional talents on discovery of novel pesticide and development of novel pesticide variety has been cultivated, and many of them have become domestic academic leaders, so as to make huge contribution to the development of the pesticide industry in China.
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