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    Pesticide is a national comprehensive pesticide technology periodical, founded in 1958, and issued publicly in the monthly magazine, Chinese core journal, key magazine of China technology, outstanding journals of science and technology of China, hundreds of Chinese outstanding academic periodicals, and American Chemical Abstracts information resource periodical at home and abroad.

    The magazine Pesticide abides by the tenets of “studying and popularizing pesticide technology, promoting scientific and technological progress of pesticide, improving the agricultural and environmental protection awareness, and promoting agricultural sustainable development”, and reports the achievement, technology, information, dynamics, experience on pesticide scientific research, production, processing, analysis, application and treatment of three wastes in the pesticide production process and comprehensive utilization of byproducts, new pesticide variety at home and abroad, new formation and new use, trend of domestic insect pests and weeds, pesticide effect test, field application, technological improvement and toxicity, action mechanism, residue dynamics, etc. based on the principle of popularization and improvement.

    The industry influence of the magazine Pesticide rises year by year. The influence index in the field of chemical engineering ranked the 12th (totally 175 periodicals) in 2017, and the influence factor was 0.820, ranking the 24th (175 periodicals, ranking the 32nd in 2013), located in Q1 area of the periodical.

    In the field of plant protection, the influence index of the periodical ranked the 8th (20 periodicals) in 2017, where in the pesticide field, it ranked the second. The funded paper ratio reached 0.56.

    It was awarded “First Prize of Excellent Journal in National Petroleum and Chemical Industry” in 2006, 2011, 2016.

    Contribution platform:

    Pesticide is deeply loved by scientific research, production and plant protection workers, becoming the intimate friend of pesticide research, production, sales and application departments.

    On November 1, 2018, to facilitate author contribution and expert review, improve the working efficiency of the Editorial Office, the online contribution system of the magazine Pesticide has been formally launched for operation. System URL: <http://nyzz.cbpt.cnki.net/>.

    Subscribed from post offices in all places of China: post issue number 8-60, price: CNY 30, annual price: CNY 360.

    Subscribed from the Editorial Office: No. 8, Shenliao East Road, Tiexi District, Shenyang City  Editorial Office of Pesticide   Postal code: 110021

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